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    A controller is an intelligent device that learn from its surroundings and responds to stimulus around it just like a human brain does. Our main vision is to bring the world a better place by implementing AI based High end Military grade results with Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms and a connecting link to Humanity and machine. We believe “Great power comes with great responsibility”

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    Circuit Design PCB Design & Product Development

    Fast doesn't mean unreliable our dedicated PCB, Circuit designers and Development team has proven that many times. We provide fast and professional result in short interval

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    IoT, AI, RF Communications & Sensing

    “Great things never comes from comfort zone”. But we bend the rules a little bit and made possible for you with our IoT based sensors. Our wireless network is so strong and comfy that you don't need to worry about a thing.


We at Tachlog believe in technology, research and development of science for a better world. Embedded Technology applications and development is our core area of expertise. We work together to enable technology to help you meet requirements seamlessly and efficiently. Team Tachlog design and develop cost-effective embedded solutions after carefully evaluating the outcomes of our industry-oriented research work, with a goal to meet global standards and best practices.

Technology becomes meaningful only when it is put to a serve meaningful purpose. Tachlog committed to extending solutions through Embedded Technology Application. The fast-moving bandwagon of present-day technologies has already taken us to the gates of Industry 4.0. With the rapid progress has come automation in different aspects of life – at domestic and professional fronts. Our abilities, starting from ideation to delivery, are supported by an in-depth understanding of product development and design of digital, analog and RF tools.